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Ending hunger and malnutrition at the IAHCSMM Conference 2019 in Anaheim California.

By: Peggy Barak

This provided many opportunities for networking, learning and helping out the community,

I had the opportunity to help in the food drive for Orange County. It was so fulfilling to know we as a group were able to fill almost a semi-truck load of food boxes that will help provide food for the elderly community members. I cannot remember the number of people our hard work will assist, but the satisfaction of a job well done is overwhelming.

Through all the meetings and presentations, there was a consistent theme that carried through. It was point of use cleaning. All of our efforts begin with the customer and the user. Surgery helps begin the cleaning process to prevent pitting, discoloration and the malfunction of equipment.

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Networking with other sterile processing IAHCSMM members also shared that they have this difficulty in their institutions.

I believe the goal is to build a strong alliance with your surgery team and help them to understand that water is needed on the surgical field wipe the debris off the equipment, and not just another added expense for the surgery. Saline is great for patient care but not for the care of our instruments.

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