Sterilization for Our Communities Benefit


About ACHI

The Seventh-day Adventist churches of central Wisconsin and Marshfield Clinic joined forces to hold their second Adventist Community Health Initiative (ACHI) on October 26 at the Marshfield High School. Members of the Western Wisconsin Chapter of IAHCSMM joined volunteers to provide low income individuals with dental and vision services that they otherwise could not obtain.


Eye Care


Eye Screening for vision, glaucoma, cataracts, and other diseases where provided during the event. Those in need of glasses could choose from hundreds of donated frames. The Frames are then sent to Texas where a caring optometrist makes specialized lenses and glasses for each individual. The completed pairs are returned to Wisconsin where they are delivered to their new owners. 


Dental Care


Volunteers that assembled for the dental services provided care ranging from teeth cleaning to fillings, and extractions. It is heart warming to know that our sterilization technicians played a key component of these services with quick cleaning and sterilization of dental instrumentation. One individual with no insurance had 14 teeth extracted in the nick of time avoiding multiple abscesses that would have occurred without immediate care. The WWCI members were thankful for the opportunity to serve our community with our unique talents and raise awareness for our profession.

Project Numbers


Volunteers Assembled


Community Members Helped


Hours To Accomplish the Mission


 145 guests served

132 x-rays preformed

79 teeth cleanings

45 teeth extracted

58 fillings provided


79 eye exams

55 people will receive Rx glasses

Health Expo

Health Information, education and literature provided to all who came to the event. 

Total Value of Services

ACHI provided $85,150 in Dental and Vision Service to Marshfield Area Community members

To read more about this event visit the ACHL website

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